Guys, let's vote for DLC civ you want

Siam had acces to muskets & cannons ? Aoe 3 is about gunpowder

Safavid Iran - Wikipedia.



This is the biggest Siam ever was, and it is in the AoE3 timeframe.
It is also the first result for “siamese empire”.

Also, for a game about Gunpowder, it has a civ with none of it, the Aztecs.


Poles had colonies:

And if that doesn’t appeal to you, you can think of the Wild Fields as colonies - sparsely populated lands where new settlers have come.

In those centuries, Poland was a very important civilization - the Bastion of Europe. The 16th century was a golden age for Poland. The 17th century was the age of great wars and the battle of Poles. In the 18th century, the PLC was going to collapse - but at the same time the first constitution in Europe was passed and the Enlightenment was booming. Even after the partitions, Poles were important during the Napoleonic Wars. If there is to be a DLC about Europe, Poles must be there! Their absence would be glaring. Besides, the West wrongly considers Poles to be “a backward nation”. Compare contemporary Poles to Russians - then you will see that Poles were really rich in culture and an interesting civilization.


From what I can see from these votes:

  • Persia added to the game for free, like the Swedes and Incas (compensation for not having in game a new Asian civ)

  • European DLC: Italians, Poles, Austrians (I miss Prussians)

  • African DLC: Ethiopians, Somalis, and Berbers are for sure (they’re in Historical Battles) - so they could add: Zulu.

  • The next DLC can add different civilizations: Moroccans, Siamese and Duns (There could also be the Americans of the US as an American civilization ).

American civilizations (e.g. Cherokee, Maya, and US Americans) and Prussians are missing from this survey.


Mutylator bringing the facts, nice! :slight_smile: Either way, I want to see Poland in the game, as they were essential to European warfare, worthy foes of Sweden and had the best, winged cavalry in Europe.


Poland would also go well with justifying Ottomans in the game, and a 30 Years War campaign, which should have been part of the game originally, instead of the ahistorical mess we got.

Also, a Siege of Vienna Historical Battle, where you play as the Germans, and get Polish reinforcements after defending from the Otto spam, after a while, would be great.


Where is Indonesia and Sikh Empire?

Then the winged hussars arrived
Coming down the mountainside
Then the winged hussars arrived
Coming down they turned the tide
Cannonballs are coming down from the sky
Janissaries are you ready to die?
We will seek our vengeance eye for an eye
You’ll be stopped upon the steps of our gate
On this field you’re only facing our hate
But back home the sultan’s sealing your fate
We remember
In September
That’s the night Vienna was freed
We made the enemy bleed!

Sabaton - Winged Hussars

Goosebumps, when you get overwhelmed by the Turks, you are close to defeat and suddenly the proud Winged Hussars appear - the most dramatic and exciting historical battle for AoE 3.


Cmon if you want inspiration for Persians here you go:

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Wow, this is really professional.

You can see that it is based on Lisbon, but it is still impressive :star_struck:


It would be nice if this mod became an addition to the game. Then it would be really easier for the creators to improve this mod.

Americans, Austrians, Italians, Poles, Prussians, Swiss, Persians - so many ready-made civilizations that would improve the game. I wish this mod became a DLC. Just a few tweaks:
Refreshing the units
Prettier and more unique Home Cities
Improvement of icons and flags
New voices
And a little more. But still, this mod is a great DLC base.


Hey people,
What do you think about the appeal to the developers to add “Napoleonic Era” to this game as a DLC? Like it was with Forgotten Empires mod for AoE 2. I think it would be a good idea and a convenience for all of us (players and creators) and reward the work of modders :blush:

It puts too much pressure on the developer. Taking the example of AOE2, they’ll want to offer a lightweight DLC for less than $10. Also, too many civilizations hurt multibalance. Solo play isn’t all about the game. AOE3 supports multiplayer and regularly balances patches for them.

And it’s likely to hurt the concept of the game. AOE3 Vanilla deals with the colonial era and civilizations are emerging. However, in the case of NE or WOL, it is very likely that the game will turn into a European war.

I’m also talking about the tweaks to this mod before making it a DLC.

So what’s wrong with that? More fun.

WarChiefs is not about colonization, but about being colonized. Asian Dynasties add Asian maps. The Japanese campaign is not about colonies, it’s about civil wars. So the European Wars DLC makes sense. It adds more fun. Those ages weren’t just about colonization. This game is called Age of Empires III - not Age of Colonies :wink:

The original eight countries reached and traded with three Asian countries (Japan, China and India). It is implied directly through the presence of the consulate. In the case of Japan, just because they got a campaign on the civil war doesn’t mean they have nothing to do with the colony. The original campaign is fantasy, so is the new world a fantasy?

The campaign is just an adaptation of a scene in history, showing that even that is all related to colonization in Europe. And, Unfortunately for you, this game has been designed as Age of Colonies since its first release in 2005.

It would be better to have a some civilization with another concept with a completely new system like an expansion pack of the past, rather Than copying a lot of existing Europe to reduce the developer’s workload and design a more interesting civilization.

I think Africa will be a good alternative.

And that’s why this game didn’t get any more popular than AoE2. Colonialism limits this - we must break these shackles of content. Then there is a chance for more popularity and more fans. And for existing fans - more content and fun. This age is too interesting to limit itself.

You think when we will see the DLC ? Q2 ? Q3 ? Or Q4 ? I think it will be like aoe 2’s DLC with 2 new civs and maybe small campaign.

Africa is for sure. There are already African civs in Historical Battles.
They will be 99% in the new DLC :wink:

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