Hacienda gathering "mode"

So I want to raise this topic to probably see if someone can actually answer this question.

vils gathering on Mills, estates, Rice paddies fields ects gather at different rate to account for moving around (effectively not gathering) bumping into each other and just bugging out.

Mills and estate - lots of moving around and bumping.

Rice paddies - bisically not bumping

Farms for native civs - no bumping

Fields - minor bumping, mid way between rice paddies and mills

What about haciendas? From gameplay it feels like there is no bumping, but I can’t really tell and how does this affect overall gather rate. I see some people saying that haciendas have lower gather rate then normal mills, but i suspect the actual difference is much less

They should really just standardize the gather rates and eliminate bumping altogether. They could move visually but still gather 100%of the time.


They are like rice paddies and farms, no bumping with lower base rate ending gathering the same.

Right, I suspect that it is possible since vills interact this way in Tribal Council (previously dance)