Hacker, more and more hackers, how many hackers are in the game

Anyway i appreciate their diversity. It seems their hack software have many interesting functions.

The record
Hacker.age3Yrec (2.1 MB)

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BTW, have this maphack bug been fixed?

It’s a long time since it been reported. The devs never talk about hax info on their updates.

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report them ingame. Man… Also you should ahve instandly seen his score is way to high.

yeah i instantly saw it and i did report him

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btw his deck has 32 cards, if the dev can fix it too it would be good


This a legacy bug from the original game. It supposed to be fixed in DE, but it isn’t. :sweat_smile: It doesn’t give much advantage, 25 cards are more than enough.

Something else to keep loving how buggy AOE3DE is holy…