Hacker! need help

i m a AOE3 player and last night i played against a hacker, he gave me online my location and my secret question, and was saying that if i don’t resign he will hack my account, also his explorer never died and to win the game i had to go on monopoly.
Once the game over, he wrote me with several account that he hijacked i have all of them on screenshots with what he told me, i would like to know what should i do, or if you can do anything against this guy, i have proof of what i m talking about.
I changed my password for a more secured one and my secret question too, and i was thinking to change everyweek my password to be sure that he will not hijack my account, but this is not a solution, i should be and feel safe, and not scared that i can loose my account and game.
I wait for some news from you. Thank you

Here are all the account that he hijacked :


All of them belongs to the same guy be careful if you find him online.

I’ll look into it :wink: