Hackers becoming a problem


Ok so this has been going on for too long now. In treaty games theres a guy by the account names Underground_ and Djkiss974 (the same guy) who joins games and just spawns stuff in all game. From xp crates to literally just spawning 3-5k life gendarme inside our ecos. I dont know how many accounts he has but this dude needs to be banned

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And it’s not just him. Cheating is quite big in AoE3. I’ve seen people selling the software that you mentioned for 20 bucks and I know others who just use it casually whenever they play. Many multi accounts and the “out of sync” issue are also a thing.
Best thing you can do is to always Record your games and if you notice something strange, play the replay and put the cheater in your pest list for ever.


Unfortunately, it seems Microsoft isn’t interested in moderating the server anymore, at least they haven’t done it for many years now, to my knowledge.

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Thank you for not publicly posting that information. Mentioning it raises awareness and encourages a bad behavior of finding it / using it. You should connect with the community team here, make them aware, and they can do their best to raise awareness internally / pass it on with the hope to create some in-code countermeasures.


I’m just hearing bla bla right now. You are obviously not an aoe3 player. That’s a known thing. Whoever had to know it already knows it and there’s apparently not much they can or care to do. Maybe if AoE3:DE ever comes out these things will be resolved.
Also, in the initial post is mentioned that someone spawns units out of nowhere. Isn’t it obvious that a software somewhere exists that does that? What’s the big bad secret that shouldn’t be said publicly?
On the contrary, mentioning it raises awareness that multiplayer in aoe3 is not always that innocent and players should take care.

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Hey Urbanized,
I’ve been a long time player of AOE:III, really enjoy that one and AOE:II the best (been involved with the franchise since '98). My intent on saying what I did wasn’t to discredit the purpose of the original post, ultimately cheaters ruin the experience for everyone else. I hope it can get squashed and that the appropriate information can be relayed to the people who can make a technical difference.


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This is horrible!! This could mean that some of those dudes during the esoc tournament was using out of sync errors. The guy had 2 out of syncs during 2 games or something like that. And of course things wheren’t going his way…


Some people use the hacks in a more subtle way too. They might enhance collection rate by some percentage, or reduce villager spawn time by 1-2 seconds. which is frustrating, because it’s hard to identify in the post-game. you might lose a game really badly and have no idea if you should be learning from a better player, or if you just got crushed because they had some hacks turned on.

I’ve played against one player twice who both times has hit age 4 with 50 vills, flooded my base with 50+ hussars using riding school, mass cavalry upgrade, and all cav cards at around 13 mins, after building 20+ pop of units in colonial to defend with.

clearly this is impossible for regular players, but until the hussars suddenly pour in, it feels like a normal, uphill game. but even though I know what he’s doing is impossible, the only thing I can identify as certainly suspect in the post-game is his on-time 21 vill age-up.

the real give-away is that he quit both times promptly after killing all my stuff. says “you waste time” both times when I ask why he quits. Think he does this to keep his win rate at a reasonable pct.

All there is to do is pest atm.