Hacking in AoE3

By now pretty much everyone knows that hacking/cheating is rampant in AoE3. Microsoft hasn’t banned hackers for ages, and, what’s worse, the hackers have found a way to create infinite accounts. If you post on the forums, moderators will say that you should file a report etc. but nothing ever happens.

Does Microsoft plan on actually fixing this in the Definitive Edition? Or will we just receive another stale “remaster” with “native 4K support” and downloadable gimmicks that no one ever asked for? The game is still being enjoyed by thousands, if not tens of thousands of people across the globe. Please don’t ■■■■ this up, Microsoft.


I bet since there would be some poeple doing account management, tech support and updates cheats will be fixed, accounts will be banned and things.
But yeah, this is really annoying. People auto spawning free units (they duplicate !), people having goons with unlimited range and 6000 damage, Out Of Sync dumb ones, extra ressources, spies for free…

1 of the popular mods for tournament play already in large part has done a lot to fix cheating, i would assume the developers have looked at this mod and implemented features or maybe their own version of anti cheat into the game, it is 1 of those things which is an essentially for the DE.

it would be interesting to see people try and cheat in the beat just to see if it is fixed but i’m afraid that likely would lead to a ban from the program.

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well, they ve not worked in the game 10 years, but they now are working for age 3 DE, not for age 3 complete collection, so the game will be the same forever, only age 3 DE will improve, if they decide to work for sure, because they could abandon it again.