Had a dream where the next DLC was leaked

I can’t believe I had a dream that was about the next AOE2 DLC. I’m still having a hard time believing it wasn’t an actual post on the forum. I just realized it was a dream when I kept searching for the post. Only to see there was none 11.

Anyway the next DLC civs (according to my dream) are gonna be Tanguts and Jurchens. I saw their civ bonus and everything 1111. Now I’m again confused if it was actually a post or smth.

I remember some of the bomus, UT and UU


  • 2 farmers can work in a farm
  • They have a unique unit that’s a monk/infantry, probably an upgrade on the monk
  • Their UT is smth I came up with before the dream, that is, Steppe Lancer gold cost replaced by food/wood
  • They have a new cavalry archer UU


  • Heavy Cavalry Archer upgrade available in castle
  • Archery Range technology cost -50%

These are all I remember sadly.

If a post does exist with these bonus and ut/uu please direct me to it. I’m still having a hard time believing it wasn’t real.

And if the devs read these and it is indeed what they are planning please let me know if I’m some kind of a time traveller or smth 11111

Update: It was a reddit posttt.


Just found these on Reddit, the Tanguts is a recent post, the Jurchen seems to be a mix of something from 6 months ago, and a more recent one. In terms of bonuses, your ones are kind of interesting, but I’m not so sure about the Reddit posts.

This was me in the dream too 11. The leak was like the 4 Indian civ leak. Looked so real and UU had a new sprite too. But I kept thinking no way this is legit. And I thought to myself that someone went through a lot of efforts to fake this.

Update: It was a reddit posttt.

Did your dream also include the much more needed bug fixes? Or are these delayed (\ignored) for even longer?

this is not as useful as it sounds and good mostly in early game/for FC builds. It’s a cool idea tho.

Steppe Lancer is a rly good unit, it’s nearly as strong as a Knight and arguably stronger when massed. It would need to miss a lot of upgrades for this to be a tech, like missing Husbandry, and maybe 2 armor upgrades.

it’s very expensive for Castle Age economy

it’s a cute idea I guess.

Tangtus or Tibet is not a farming community why would they have two people working on a farm?