Had to re-register?

I have been an insider for over a year, and was part of the aoe2 DE, I got an email on the 24th saying that invites would be coming soon, so I went to make sure my insiders profile was all filled out and ready to go. And it put me through the survey again.

I have physical proof that I signed up a year ago, I have signed up again and am hoping more invites will go out, but for now all my friends are able to play, when they signed up the same time as me last year.

Thanks in advance for any help

Hi @KAOSIIEPiC, The community team relaunched the insider program for AoE II DE which required insiders to go through the survey process again. I had registered day one for the AoE: DE beta and had to re-register last summer before the AoE II: DE beta started.

Relaunched for or after AOE2 DE? Because i signed up for the AOE2 DE and was part of it. But now had to sign up again for the AOE3 DE. Any clue if I have a chance of getting an invite to 3 DE?
PLUS, my friends have not had to sign up again between AOE2 DE and 3 DE so I can’t see that being a possibility

The insider program was relaunched before the AoE II: DE beta. Are you sure you signed up using the same Microsoft Account? There have been some issues with settings not being saved on the insider profile which may have caused you to go through registration again.

I’m certain it’s the same microsoft account, I have the registration confirmation email twice. Once in Jan 2019 and once again now. The only difference is I think I didn’t put my steam account in last time I registered in 2019

Yeah I’ve had the same thing happen to me. Had to re-tick the beta preferences on my profile also.

Same thing happened to me. Had registered during the AoE II: DE Beta, but I had to re-register.