Haiti: Pirate isn't affected anymore by Fencing School card

Hey, i know there are lots of bugs with the new update due to it’s size and a hotfix is already coming probably, but i wanted to address one more thing i found.

After the rework they did on the Pirate unit (which thank God they made it better, i’m so happy), they are not affected by the new Fencing School card that French got, because it didn’t receive the new “Now also increases Shock Infantry trainspeed.” tag.

This way you cannot spam Pirates so easily anymore when you revolt as Haiti, wanted to know if it was a intentional decision due to it’s rework or not.

Thanks in advance.

raise it as a bug to be sure

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They have raiding school…that change was thought for civs like aztecs tho

I don’t think you get my point.

yep, gonna do that. Thanks