Hakkapelit counter

Could someone give me some advice?

Im playing with Spain in teamgames and everytime a sweedes comes with the hakkapelit i dont know how to counter it. First i thought about making goons but they get demolish vs then, so I tried going rodeleros/pikemen and skirmish but because they are so fast and most of the times its teammate mass skirmish they always get destroyed. So what unit i could do with spain to counter them? because everything that i think of is going to be to expensive to mass before they come and/or are hard counter but that goddamned unit.

Only thing that counters them well is skirmishers but you can’t let them melee attack your skirms or you’ll lose so a skirmisher and halberdier combo works well. China do best because of their card repelling volley which increases skirmisher damage vs dragoon type units, the changdao also help prevent them going melee on your skirms.

I already tried that, but because its teammates nearly always go full skirmish to counter pimen/habaldiers the combination end up getting demolish before their cav is on range to attack it

Well in 1v1 as a direct counter it works fine. The halberdiers should be behind your skirms anyway, you just pull them back while kiting the hakkapelits.

mejor espera hasta que los nerfeen tal y como estan ahora estan rotos, basicamente matan mosqueteros y escaramuzadores por igual, no tienen un buen contador, a no ser que les quiten la armadura a distancia.

The thing is, I know that 1vs1 you could more or less control them (until they start makings cannons and you cant get near with goons because they get destroyed) but the problem is still in teamgames that is the mode that i play the most. There they only weakness became their strenght when combine with teammates skirmish.

The game isnt balanced around team games. Period.

You couldnt be more wrong in that. Just look at all the changes the made to balance teamgames and make all the civs be at least decent both 1vs1 and teamgames

You have to mass skirms as fast as possible, the age BO is to FF with confucian academy, 10 skirm shipment then repelling volley, if you have the numbers before they can mass you should be able to keep their numbers down.

Then send the upgrade card while keep spamming territorial army. As for the changdaos, keep them in the back and only pull them up when the cav tries to charge.

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Guess you need some walls to prevent the raiding (hakkapelit raiding is even more disgusting than bow rider), and you have to take control of gold mines too. Fully boomed Sweden is unstoppable, even without hakkapelt.

Musketeer type units do well. You can also mix in some skirmishers.

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