Hakkapelit problem

With the new patch, as I tested, there is inconsistency with hakkapelit. They are affected by pillage upgrade in arsenal, because they are hand cav. However they are not affected by calvary cuirass which supposedly benefit hand cav. (In my opinion hakka should not have hand cav tag so they shouldn’t be getting any of those 2)

Also hakkapelit doesn’t have a ranged multiplier vs villagers like every other ranged cav do.

Hakkapelit also has only 0.6x vs villagers (their base hand attack is double of a dragoon) so it is still twice as good at raiding, like a dragoon without multiplier.

Hakkapelit also has about double the siege attack than a normal dragoon.

Im not saying hakkapelit should be exactly like dragoon, but even after nerf it is still one of the best ranged cav.
They are a dragoon with high hand attack, high siege, high speed, and damage to villager, high hp, with 10% extra cost.

except you kinda do, they shouldn’t be a dragoon reskin, this has as much weight as me saying nerf ashigaru to the ground, its a non issue in grand scheme of things, unlike sweden age 2 eco, yes torps should be sieged down, but a little fine tuning wouldn’t hurt in places like slight base gather rate reduction (talking 0.05 resorce per second down from current at most)
and its not like the nerf didn’t bring hakka back to earth

No i do not. I want it to be better at something worse at something else, than a dragoon. Now it is still overwelmingly better than dragoon from most aspects, for 10% extra cost only

again, ashigaru muskets are the same case, besides, you have no skirm with sweden, the core design of the civ is to actually (smt no one does) be heavy on mercenaries

They should be changed back to how they were before the anniversary update. Sweden didn’t need dragoons.


Literally hackas had their own role, heavy cavalry at range. This role had their own mercenarie, the Harquebusier.

Now the Harquebusier are out of place in game being the only unit of its type in all game.

The Harquebusier:

Info about Harquebusier

no estas diciendo que sea igual a un dragón pero quieres dejarlo igual que uno xd, al final de unico no tendra nada a este paso.

El oromo también era caballeria pesada a distancia, hasta su rework en el parche de aniversario

por que bajarles aun más la recolección a los torps? valen 135 de madera y aun asi tienen peor recolección de recursos que un santuario xd (necesitando incluso una carta para mejorarles su recolección de oro incluso la madera la recolectan a 0,15 por segundo en el mejor de los casos, lo que recolectan más rapido es la comida llegando hacer la velocidad de 0,72 cuando hay un animal muerto al lado

They now do 100% damage to villagers with AOE damage. Are you serious?