Hakkapelits need to be toned down significantly

Since being reworked, this unit is just way too good. It demolishes cav due to multipliers; it shreds goons due to area damage; it destroys skirms because it has higher melee attack than a hussar (even does well enough in range due to area damage, higher base attack and much higher hp, vs the only unit that is meant to counter it). It also has 7.25 speed so can force any fight it wants and avoid any fight it doesn’t want, and snare if it so chooses. It also has multiple cards to upgrade it even further, since it has a lot of tags.

Area damage get super strong at a critical mass (see gatlings for example) and it’s super easy to just spam this one unit with the macro provided by torps and attack move efficiently due to area damage - so the apm/micro is significantly easier than for the opponent who needs to focus fire and manage villagers. Getting flashbacks to crabats on release - a unit that beats everything shouldn’t exist - even more so when it is also quicker than most units; and since Sweden is now faster than ever with the extra starting villager (would definitely be in favour of reverting that vill for 100f change, particularly given all the extra options Sweden now has with new merc/native shipments) it’s far harder to rush them and stop them getting to this point.


suomi stronk :muscle: hakkaa päälle!

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I couldn’t agree more, hakapelits have no real counter rn, skirms gets wrecked by them aswell because if the nuts aoe or strong melee stance whole being too mobile. Please tone hakapelits down :frowning:

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Is true, now are really strong and versatile.

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I thought they were pretty good before, they shredded musketeers in ranged combat, murdered skirms in melee, and they mixed well with hussars.

But you had to run away from pikemen (due to the damage penalty on them) and dragoons (because dragoons countered them).

Nobody appreciated them though,
Sweden already had a dragoon it just walked on two legs and was called the Carolean.

The Carolean is pretty bad as a musketeer because it was the swedes counterpart to dragoons.

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I find them normal as a unit, do not make them mass (see gatling question)

It is very difficult to stop the raids of the Hakkapelitas now that they are faster, they are a monster and that people still do not micreate the Crushing mode that makes it like a gendermen against the infantry