Hakkapellitta makes me leave the game

Yeah im leaving this broken game until they at least nerf the unit. ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLAY AGAINST FULL HAKKAPELLITTA. I hate Sweden so much, everything is broken, even the mercs, people goes full Giant Granadier or full hakkapelitta and feels like pros. Why don’t delete the entire faction? Nothing is okey with this civ, every unit has like 5 upgrades in cards. They even have the best Hussar, it’s stupid.


Right, but you don’t have to quit the entire game. Just resign and re-enter the ranked que after 5 minutes when you see Sweden. Everybody wins. The Hakka lamer gets easy free ELO and you don’t have to play against it. I know this is extremely bad form, but Sweden and China are extremely out of balance and no one should have to play versus it. It just isn’t fun or fair. It is better to just resign, and I have seen streamers resign when they see Sweden also. Picking Sweden now is just poor sportsmanship, like using a cheat code to win essentially. I hope they fix the game balance soon or else the player base really will shrink. I find myself playing less as well, because everyone is just laming a few OP civs. It sucks. I just played and the only matches I get are Sweden so I quit playing myself. My ELO is now 100 points lower.


mmm el mejor husar no creo, pero si, el hakkapelita es un dolor de huevos, pero por que por ahora simplemente no dejas las partidas clasificadas y juegas con amigos? por cierto el granaderos gigante no le veo la gran cosa, para mi es un simple soldado mexicano pero que vale oro 250 para ser precisos

soldados have cooldown and overall worse stats

mmm no se si tan peor? pues dependen ya que de base tienen 300 de hp y 36 de daño a distancia y los granaderos gigantes 41 de ataque a distancia pero con 1 de area, ademas que hay que tomar el hecho de que valen solo oro y sumado que no todas las civs pueden masearlos, en cambio los hakkapelitas si xd

sorry, maybe i dont understand your answer correct (autotranslation is a bit wierd^^'), but yes, giant grenadiers have higher base attack and area of effect of 2. Sweden and germany can always train giant grens, if they send one homecity card

Using Ports and India is also like using a cheat code to win right now.


Ports need the Fetoria nerfed for sure, but it isn’t on the level of Sweden/Hakka by any means. If India was that good, everyone would be laming it like they are Sweden, and I rarely see India so it can’t be that good.

bueno si le quitas feitorias portugal quedaria en el olvido rapido xd, pero si a suecia le nerfeas el hakka aun tendrian trucos por hacer xd

Ah a lo que me referia es que el soldado mexicano no es tan peor que el granaderos gigante y eso se debe a que es muy spameable, ademas termina por acumular muchas más mejoras que la mayoria de los granaderos gigantes convencionales.

At the top 300 level of play all you see is Ports/India/China/Sweden/Ottos.

India is overpowered, for sure.