Halloween Event ended already? It's the weekend... why end it mid-day Sunday?

I’m curious why the Halloween Event ended before the conclusion of actual Halloween? It’s the weekend, today is actually Halloween (Oct 31st), but the event ended sometime this afternoon (Sunday).

I was hoping to finish off the final challenge today. I got half-way through that challenge yesterday (so didn’t have much to go), but the event ended already.

The ‘one-challenge-per-day’ philosophy for the events really makes it hard to complete them sometimes. I know the event has been going on for quite a while, but I’ve been busy… and it just seems strange to do that philosophy. And then to also end the event before the weekend is over, and before the holiday the event pertains to is actually over.

If ‘one-challenge-per-day’ must remain, I still feel they should at least open the flood gates on the final weekend so we can get through them all at that point, if we’ve been too busy before then. I would’ve finished everything yesterday if that were the case… but instead, I had to wait several hours for the final challenge to unlock/open up… and I’ve been busy, away from my PC all day doing things I needed to get done before the work-week starts. Now that I’m ready and eager to finish it, I can’t… and so I’ll probably end up just playing a different game tonight

I started the event quite late, but was pretty good at completing one challenge per day the past week to get to the final one, and then the rug was, more or less, pulled out from under me on the last day, imo.

Not a big issue, as I doubt I would’ve played with pumpkin-head cavalry very often, but I was curious to see first-hand. And I’m just sharing in case the events can ever be tweaked more to be more accommodating, and at least don’t end them mid-way through the weekend. Wait until midnight (Sunday night/Monday morning)

PS: If I have an event mod loaded (like pumpkin patch, scarecrow statue, or pumpkin-head cavalry), do other people you’re playing with see the same thing as you on their screen even if they don’t have the mod? I doubt it, but just checking. Might be neat if they saw it, too, and had the option in menu to not show other peoples’ mods if they wanted

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No. They don’t see it unless they too have the mod on. I think it is better the current way, because it could create a lot of conflicts if each player has a unique version of a unit. That’s an exaggeration, but it kind of gives you the idea.

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