Hand cavalry bad pathing makes the unit useless in large scale battles

We all know that cavalry has had a very bad pathing during the years and many cried about this thing.

This problem makes civs like Lakota to have a hard time trying to kill a mass of Heavy Cannons that are well guarded by a large number of infantry units. It’s impossible to flank or to get trough without losing tons of units before you finally get the cannons down.

Not to mention the fact that cavalry in this game doesn’t act like it would be in real life. Not even Elmetis don’t manage to break the lines with their long lances…

Lakota and Aztec suffer a lot against civs that can mass artillery (especially European civs) and their eco isn’t as good as Inca to sustain a constant production of units in late game, to somehow compensate for the loses against Heavy Bombards and Heavy Cannons.
The Aztec Arrow Knight isn’t good enough to fight against cannons, mortars, culverins, horse artillery… and Lakota’s cav upgrade for dealing more damage to the artillery is not enough…
Even Haudenausaunee who has light-cannons need a buff in their eco for them to keep up with better civs.

Here they will say, top players don’t have this problem.

In general game competitions, there is no industrial age for indigenous countries and the game ends before that.

In addition, European rebels or outlaws units transport cards, adding additional Culverin may ease the plight of dealing with

Yeah the pathing to get to cannons is ludicrously bad.

I mean to be fair in large battles you want range units for damage and attack and melee for sponging range hits.

The problem with Lakota and Aztec is that they have no way to deal with artillery from range.

Inca dont have this problem (I think) because chimmus dont get snared and have a very small hit box.

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Try right clicking and immediately shift right clicking where you want to go. The pathing AI is better.