Hey, I think its very sad that you can only apply positive handycaps rather than negative. Because i whant to play with friends who try to learn the game but when whe want to do a 1v1 or 2v2 i dont whant to confuse their builds by flooding them with extra res. So i would like to apply a negative handycap to myself because i am experienced enough and stable enough with builds that this wont be an issue for me.

Is there a reason why this isn’t possible?

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there are many ways to handicap yourself. Disconnect the keyboard, switch mouse to left hand and keyboard to right, don’t use hotkeys, use only trash units, click the mouse with the nose, turn monitor upside down, play with no sound, go spanish and only use archers, don’t build a blacksmith, only make monks etc i can give you a few more if you want :crazy_face:

Tbh I dont see any problem with this idea so why not

The OP has a point, it’s only logical handicap could go the other way around.

Yeah it should be implemented, makes perfect sense. Back in the day we’d do what i wrote xD i mean, not all but disconnecting keyboard and switching mouse etc were common and going weird strats too. Full monks is hilarious!

But yeah if you can increase the efficiency, you should be able to decrease it as well. Devs should think about it for the next patch.