Hard Freeze with AMD Hardware

This is extremely frustrating. The game will hard lock / freeze on AMD hardware; cannot alt +tab, alt + F4, etc - must reboot.

It happens consistently in multiplayer and single player.

I am running an AMD 5950x CPU with an AMD 6900XT GPU. I do not have this problem in any other games.

I consistently play with a family member that is running an Intel 6700K CPU with an NVIDIA 980 and it runs fine without any problems on their PC - we will be in the same game and my PC will lock up and theirs will continue on fine.

How can we get this resolved?

have a AMD 5900x CPU with an AMD 6900XT GPU without any issues.
Are your drivers up to date?
Any heat problems maybe?

Yes; my drivers are up to date - running 23.2.1

Definitely not heat problems. Both the CPU and GPU are liquid cooled.

In addition, the ambient temperature in the room is 66 degrees.

During the single player campaign, you could almost set it to a watch - right at 1 hour the game would hard freeze. It was rare that it took me that long for those missions - but it was very consistent.

When I play MP - usually 8 player on large maps, it’s seems to be around the same time - about 47 minutes.

Apologies that you’re experiencing this @k1DBLITZ. Best thing to do is to contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file. Thanks!

Unfortunately, support was a dead end. Any other option to get this resolved? I’m happy to send all the logs needed and work with somebody.

Hello there,

If your PC is restarting/freezing while trying to run the game, then there are four possibilities to consider.

  • Your PC might be overheating
  • Your power supply might be unable to provide necessary power
  • Your drivers or hardware might be faulty
  • Your Windows installation might have gotten corrupted

If you have already tried re-installing your GPU and other hardware drivers, I would recommend contacting a technician, your retailer or hardware manufacturer for assistance and a check. You can also try re-installing your Windows from scratch to see if it helps too.

Thank you for contacting us.

Age of Empires Support