Has anyone else had units disobey commands?

I have only experienced this once that I am aware of, but I tried over a dozen times to get my knights on Joan of Arc mission VI to attack a trebuchet, and they outright ignored me and attacked the cavaliers nearby instead. They had a clear path to get there, and I used a direct command, not attack move or patrol. I simply could not get them to change their aggro and thus lost my castle.

Has anyone else experienced this glitch? I swear, I tried a dozen times and they just would not do it. They were on defensive stance too, so they were not on some weird aggressive stance thing.


Sometimes the units move alone, without order.

Yeah weirdly enough I didnt have this behavior in multiplayer only in campagins. Units straight up moving somewhere else completly.

Weird, right? And, yes, I have had units move without order, but I always assumed that they saw someone and then lost them, or, for monks, had seen someone they wanted to heal. At this point, however, I am wondering if they really do just move without order.

On a similar note, I have had farmers get confused and not reseed, but instead just wander off to somewhere else on a nearby farm or under the TC. Yes, this includes when the auto reseed is active. I am beginning to think that there must be a problem with pathfinding.