Has anyone experience animation cancel on war elephant?

I never thought war elephant could also use animation cancel, My keep was rushed by 6 elephant like within 5secs. I was dumbfounded on this.
Is there any other unite able to cancel animation to accelerate atk speed?

I don’t play the game, but I’m pretty sure it is all cav units that can do it, from what I’ve heard. Can’t remember if camels can, but I think so.

Every single melee unit can. Even villagers can animation cancel when doing torch damage.


Yes, I think Viper said he was going to quit aoe4 (he didn’t) on stream because of how upsetting it is to play against elephants atm. I think Relic hinted at fixing this next patch, in the latest patch’s notes.

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My friend, with just six elephants plus animation cancel, you can make pre-patch fire lancers look weak.

I have experience. I used them multiple times. I felt dirty. My soul felt corrupt. But I won. And elephants are cool.

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Do fire lancer need to reload their special attack?
Imagine Fire lancer with animation cancel.

The difference that made FL a problem for so many was the speed and ability to spam them. People had so many attacking things that it negated the need to cancel animation.