Has yuan dynasty been nerfed?

Hi, im fairly new; can anyone tell me if the benefit of yuan dynasty has been nerfed? It says 33% off villager production time. Standard production time is 20 seconds. Yuan dynasty production time is 15 seconds.

33% of 20 seconds is about 6 and half seconds = 13 and half seconds. 15 seconds is 25% off 20 seconds

I do remember reading about it getting nerfed. But that had to be last patch or even 2 patches ago. maybe somone can confirm this.

Do you mean Song dynasty? The characteristic of the Yuan Dynasty is to increase the movement speed of units.

And yep, Song dynasty had been nerfed before.
The original 35% was to reduce production time, and now 33% is to speed up production.
Reducing production time by 35% is equivalent to increasing production speed by 53%.

In other words, this nerf actually reduced the production speed of villagers in the Song Dynasty from 153% to 133%, change the production time from 65% to 75%.
Each villager will take 2 more second now.

Thx you’re right about song. I’m not too sure I understand the difference between production time and production speed, especially when referring to 20 second for a villager as the baseline.

It is Song Dynasty that gives -33% villager production reduction time.
Yuan gives 15% bonus movement speed if I remember it right.

The Song dynasty bonus has been only changed once, but how it was written was changed at least more than once.

Originally it was written as “Villager Production Time -35%”, which means a Villager is produced in 13 seconds(20 * 0.65 = 13). This was at one point changed to “Villager Production Speed +55%”, though I can’t recall exactly what patch that changed the description. Probably during Season 2. "Production Speed +55% " is the same thing as “Production Time -35%” (20 / 1.55 = 13).

This was definitively nerfed as of build patch to “Villager Production Speed +35%”, which is the same thing as “Villager Production Time -25%”, but the in-game Civilization description for the Song dynasty bonus in tech-tree is still written as “Villager Production Time -35%”. This is admittedly highly confusing, but definitely not the only inconsistent or flat-out incorrect description/UI texts in the game as of right now.

Thx, very helpful, though I’ll admit I still don’t get the difference between speed and time

Let s say u run 10km in 10 min.
meaning u will run 1000m in 1 min
Now let s say u will run 10% faster
now u will run 1100m in 1 min and u will run 10km in 9.09min.

but if u reduce the distance u have to run by 10%
u will still run 1000m in 1 min and u will get to 9km in 9 min flat.
That’s the best example I can give u.

Funny you mention Yuan dynasty, though you meant Song, because Yuan was actually nerfed in the update that added Malians and Ottomans.

Yuan used to affect traders, but now not any more. Which is a shame because traders are economic units too and at least for the time Yuan was active, it gave Chinese an incentive to attempt trade and overall make Yuan worth the opportunity cost of losing Song’s bonus, especially considering the (somewhat needed) heavy nerfs Fire Lancers have received.

The change makes Yuan much less a viable choice between Song and Ming.

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