Hats off to the Devs

First off I just want to say how much I enjoy this game, it’s been a blast so far playing through the campaign!

I absolutely love the fact that you bring in the real life locations and how they look today, and re-create it with the soldier outlines. The videos going over different aspects of how life was back then, is really awesome as well. PLEASE keep this up in future dlc/expanions and/or titles. The battles are fun, exciting, and just overall enjoyable (something I haven’t had from an RTS in a while).

Thanks again!!


interested in the history of the middle ages. In war, soldiers can shout slogans and let players immerse themselves. Siege device is really cool!!!And soldiers can stand on the stone wall.

Also really broken, although it depends on which siege weapon you are talking about. Springalds are way to strong. Why would you bother putting anyone on a wall when you can just make a massive siege deathball that one shots everything? :joy:

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Play historical battles and enjoy exquisite films. Hats off to the Devs!

I agree, incredible game! All comparisons and nitpicking aside, I’m really very happy such a fun new game exists. Well done devs!