Haudenosaunee became weaker

The explorer special shot cooldown increase and removal of age1 convert army effected haudenosaunee a lot as other TWC civs got effected. However, aztecs got an age1 scout as an alternate to this issue while there is no alternate for Iro regarding this. So that they perform worse in age1 right now, they are also one of the worst civ to boom with, so that their strats rely on pushing most of the time.

What could be done?

  • Adding a starting scout unit in age1.
  • Giving haude some sort of economic options to boom

That civ is fine imo.
If I am not wrong they are considered one of the strongest civs by the top players.
Either way, that civ is still very strong, have a really good skirm unit and an insane fortress timing
They are weaker than on RE though but back them the civ was the most op of the game along with otto

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Give them a baby coyote

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Haude is an aggressive civ, and you can play eco with tp play/water play/ ff into 1200 res into TC, and i think you can 5+4 vills + farm and market upg which mean you can get 12 free vills before 6 min plus 20% gather rate on food and wood.
That’s not bad for the civ with the strongest skirm and strongest goon in age 3.