Haudenosaunee completely helpless on water maps

Haudenosaunee navy are extremely limited, and have only one 20% upgrade to help 'em. Their best unit, the War Canoe, is roughly 1/3 the cost of a frigate, but only has 1/6 of the HP, and 1/4 of the attack power. Yeah, you can make 10 of 'em, but a whole fleet gets absolutely decimated by just two frigates, so God forbid the enemy also has caravels and monitors to supplement their fleet; you could ruin yer economy absolutely spamming boats, and they’d just get demolished in 2-3 attacks as they get made.

Plus, they don’t have forts or any equivalent, and war huts are completely helpless against even a single monitor… Haudenosaunee just automatically lose on water maps, they have no way of defending theyselves or gaining any ground.

They either need some sort of dedicated anti-ships building, or a serious buff for their canoes; whether it be a severe cost reduction (cut in two, at minimum) and/or a damage bonus against ships; it’s just not normal to require a full (and expensive) fleet in order to bring down a single enemy ship

Do you not use the Town Defense dance or the Water Dance? Native navies have historically been ridiculously OP because war canoes can 2-shot a lot of late-game frigates and monitors, and the Town Defense gives warhuts something like 600 damage to boats before multipliers.

Native navies have never been weak, although the Hauds have always been the weakest of the core trio - The Lakota and the Aztecs were always tied for the strongest navy in the game, but lacked the economy to back it up for extended fights, with the Hauds only slightly behind because they lacked the raw strength of the Lakota Siege Ceremony and the Aztec Tlaloc Canoe.

Maybe they completely redid the Native navies again, but it was this way in the beta. (Admittedly I haven’t played any of the Native navies since release.)