Haudensaunee needs treaty options

Haudensaunee is a very good civ in the early age, but it has a lot units that costs wood. The problem is when you playing treaty, and there is no wood on the map (lategame) this civ have 3 trainable units without wood. I think they need some building that produces a lot wood, like a factory but in native. Or a building in witch the villagers can work and produce wood.


make rams, mantlets, tomahawks and horsemen cost food and gold like almost every other siege/musket/heavy cav unit, problem solved and the civ becomes easier to manage economy wise.

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They havent got a good eco in treaty, fur trade is not enough. They need eco cards. Also a good buff could be to give other upgrade at the plantation

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Yes its a good idea that would be much better. But their economy is also very bad. They need some economy cards or buildings.

Treaty options: Cow boom → Fur Trade → Musket Riders, Forrest Prowlers, Light Cannons + some Mantlets to tank in the front.

GG no RE.

I know it is not relevant to the topic of the topic, but I would like units like the ram and the mantle to be available in the age of Commerce and not in fortresses, I want to say, it is not state-of-the-art technology to be lower, at least the ram.
And speaking of the post, the haud need yes or yes, a letter that changes the cost of wood for gold, or some unlimited source of wood in the late game, this has already been discussed many times!

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Thats not enough they need Wood to be playable

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