Hausa 1 vs 1 supremacy needs more LOVE

I get the Hausa civ is a base building civ sorta in the US meta slash Port-isk meta. However Hausa lacks any DISTINCT units that are extremely versatile. And most importantly Hausa lacks STRONG anti cannon units. I understand cannon can be researched at the palace for 300 influence, but the cost of each cul is 500 influence?!! So make just 2 culv you have to have 1300 influence and ample time to research and train! Keep in mind as the African civs you’d prefer to have your influence readily available to powerful military shipments or used to que special units.

My suggestion is we give JUST the Hausa Javelin riders the Yabusame TREATMENT. Make the current upgrade card in age 3 ALSO give an additional 5x multiplier vs Cannons.

With said suggestion you’d be able to get a legit composition of javelin riders with upgrade card for anti cav and anti cannon then ship either Sennar horsemen for 1k influence and make fulani archers OR ship cannoneers and make raider/lifidi knights.

Comps listed above can deal with oppositing age 3 compositions. Currently for the speed at which semi ff occur Hausa can’t play base building style (by design) and have a legit answer for cannon.

I also understand the elites of the game haven’t figure out the civ yet; so I reserve the right to be enlighten.

Dude the Lifidi Knights are absolute beast that can turn into cuirs with a card, they also have access to Akan muskets that auto upgrade and deal splash damage, just spam that grind machine and almost nothing can kill you, you will have plenty of influence to spare for a few culvs

The hausa cav are STRONG but melt to a strong musk cannon timing which basically all civs can do and some much better than others; Hausa can’t respond equally

ashi flamethrowers
brit musk cannon
carolean cannon
ethopian spear and the BIG cannon * most OP comp (esp with how much influence they generate)

You can also just go outlaws since they have an combat card for outlaws, natives and mercs in age 1.

This combined with Morroco gives you access to an outlaw skirm (Corsair Marksman) that benefits from the vet outlaw tech along with the desert warrior, and that mass should steamroll any musk cannon composition combined with lifidi knights, especially since it outspeeds it hard since the skirm has 4.5 base speed and 40 range armour

how will you reach the cannons if the musk are sitting in front of them?? the musk will just walk around their cannon and force your cav to path while attempting to hit the cannons; javelins are too weak to snipe the cannons meanwhile the cannons esp the ethopian one has 500 aoe dmg to inf???

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charge and grind, charge and grind

Your comparing Hausa to the top tiers of civs, comparing an A tier civ to an S tier civ obviously the S tier civs will perform better.

But that’s my point! Hausa has a glaring difficulty dealing with musk cannon comp! I have learned hausa can age up with mosque and get a very powerful skirmisher which will help with heavy musk mass more efficiently than the standard archer but still need a decent way to deal with cannons.

It is quite hard for hausa, influence can be quite hard to get enough for culverin, especially as hausa lack a card like ethiopia which gives 200 influence each shipment, there are also so many things that need influence, and if you’re training natives or mercs, you’ll never have enough influence in a typical 1v1.

They also lack a cannon shipment which most civs have, only way I typically deal with falcs is by shipping the senna horseman but that costs a shipment and 1k influence so not exactly cost effective.

Hausa also have an easier time gathering influence than ethiopia, universities don’t run out and the upgrades for increasing build limits isn’t oppressive, and they have 2 ways to get goats.

So they get artillery or mercenaries pretty easily meanwhile ethiopia has to fight over coin mines or spend 3000 influence to get the influence bounty upgrade.

True but in a standard 1v1 ethiopia usually has way more influence just because as hausa your not going to be able to build all your unis/palaces/tp’s etc it’ll just be way too much res invested that could be units, but late game yes they do have more influence potentially.