Hausa can't reduce the pop cost of outlwas

Every civilisations on AoE 3 DE which have access to outlaws can reduce their pop cost with a card from the home city.
But Hausa can’t.
African outlaws are powerfull, that’s right. But Ethiopia have access to a card (Shiftas), at age 1, which reduce the pop cost, increase the villagers HP by 35% and increase the Outlaws hp by 15%.
If the problem is african outlaws, why ethiopia can reduce their pop cost and Hausa don’t?
Ethiopia can reduce their food and gold cost with a card too.

If it can be too op to give access to a pop cost reduce for Hausa in early game, why don’t make a Home city card at age 3 or 4, just to make Hausa outlaws usefull in late game?

The pop cost reduction was intended before removing, with the Morrocan alliance.

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note that Hausa has an outlaw combat card, giving them addition 15% atk and HP, in addition to the shadow tech, so even lategame they are powerful. If Hausa outlaws are 1 pop by the lategame, they are the most powerful unit in the game, so them being 2 pop is balanced there.

2 pop is fine for how strong they are, not like they cost 6 pop or something.

I wish we could say the same thing for all outlaws someday…


Hausa have an outlaw combat card, that buff by 15% their hp and attack.
Ethiopian have a card that buff their hp by 15% and another which reduce their food and gold cost.

these 2 african civs can upgrade the outlaws, but only ethiopian can reduce their pop cost and make them 1 pop units. With Saloon card, europe civ can reduce the pop cost too.
The question is : why only hausa can’t.

Cause other civs can’t train their outlaws from 8 buildings and are fixed on every map, so their ability to spam the most powerful outlaws are much greater.

The only exception to this is the US which can train from 3 which still requires a card and can never get access to desert outlaws.

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Ethiopia is able to do that. I don’t see why it is OP for Hausa and not for Ethiopia, which have lot of other OP stuff.

probably because hausa get the card to upgrade them and ethiopia don’t?

Outlaws with Ethiopia : less food and gold cost, and + 15% hp (and 5% hp and auto-healing)
(Shiftas, Loyal warriors, Ignatian spirituality)

Outlaws with Hausa : +15% hp and attack, +5% speed, less training time)
(kingdoms of the sahel, Yawon Dandi)

It’s not like Ethiopia has no card to upgrade outlaws.

the 5% hp and healing is for everything though and that’s age 4 almost never going to be used in an outlaw strat.

is this seriously a buff hausa thread. are we already at this point?

no, they don’t need 1 pop outlaws. technically speaking no one needs 1 pop outlaws but of all the civs, hausa is definitely not the one that needs it