Hausa getting a griot age 1

I feel like there is a missed opportunity with Hausa not having possible access to a griot age 1. Like Ethiopia and it’s Abun, it could really open up some different gameplay. Some of you may not even realise you can task griots to buildings to speed up train times, a underused feature.

Example, Currently Hausa has a terrible performance on most European maps, (unlike Ethiopia) this could be due to treasure gathering, which without a healer means Hausa misses on some treasures. Possible solution, turn the 3 vill card into a 2 vill + griot card (or a separate card).

Example 2, the Timbuktu University card in age 2 is lack luster. A uni + griot + uni build limit increase. Compare to a well timed Hausa kingdom giving a uni and usually a TP. Plus getting Timbuktu means having to wait till age 2 + 40 seconds for the shipment to arrive. Solution, just make Timbuktu age 1, most the time you will still go Hausa kingdoms. But if you have no trade post then Timbuktu would be worth it.

I’m sure there’s other possibilities too.