Hausa needs art buff and ib

i just played a game against france its not fair ib boosts their outpost so much i had to take down a single outpost with 6 mortars and there were still like 10 remaining we dont have petards age 3 nor do we have ib to boost our buildings we get the upgrade in age 4 and still it doesnt compare to European counterparts he went musk goon cause i cleant up his skirms so socket bayonet hurts the fact that we get arsenal in age 5 is weak atleast give us some kind of buff to hausa that can deal with outposts its not fun playing against euro civs if they turtle you can do mass raider they will only tickle the oupost with improved building cards the same as our mortars if I had aa it would make a huge difference,also corsair marksman with all their upgrades doesnt even do much damage to top if off france doesnt have the best musketeer and still they can overwhelm me because they have aa :frowning: if i lost to a civ like mexico it would be fair you simply cannot beat euro civs the best matchups i have is against otto and russia anything else euro then hausa is doomed

Hausa does have a card which improves building HP.

In any way, Hausa has one of the better musketeer + artillery combos in the game. The maigadi is amazing at being a meet shield, and you can always complement it with javelin riders to block off cavalry flanks.

Personally, I rather go for imperial age with British. Heavy cannons are often times more useful than mortars.

i do play hausa that way also hausa does not have improved buildings nor does ethiopia