Hausa Rage

Whoever said that maigadi needs a nerf on speed is Extremely stupid they already cost alot of influne and are diffficult to mass the 4.5 speed was just fine now they unusable!!! skirms counter them why not nerf japan instead of hausa the raiders are useless in age 2 why why why ??? what *&^%$%^& said they should nerf it why only euro civs should be better than all other civs except Japan wtf


I played Hausa a lot and the Magaidi are ok as they are I think, combined with some cannons they are great. Raiders too are still good, what killed Hausa for me personally was the removal of the 3 villager shipment.


maigadi will lose to any heavy infantry because of the speed they have range resist not melee so if you have veteran units you can walk up to them and melee them to death especially ashi and sweden hausa only gets their arsenal in age v which is useless because even then theres no military drummers griot boosts theirs speed to 4.20
so i use to be a fan of maigadi now they are useless also i sent devs a message the cards for maigadi doesnt give accurate buffs they are suppose to have 675 hp and 86dmg if the cards were correct

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Hausa is primarily a cavalry civ. Magadi are good for meatshields and countering light cav, but your main fighting force should be javelins and lefdi Knights.

Also, if you lose to ashi in melee you are doing something very wrong, they are the worst muskets in melee against other heavy infantry, like not matching in mass or being out upgraded.

Even with regular musk having melee resist don’t magaidi have a really high hand attack?


the ashi has melee resist the maigadi has range resist and i cannot run from them because of the speed also i do play alot of cav and have started playing JAvelin and raider /lifidi they are only op with the durbar parade card which makes it impossible for other cav to escape

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yes they do have high melee attack except they dont have bonus multipliers against anything except mercs and get bonus against cav in melee when you send Sarkin Dogarai

The math doesn’t check out. A maigadi deals 28.8 damage in melee to an ashigaru, while Ashigaru does a grand total of 10 against maigadi. Even a fully upgraded ashigaru will deal less damage than a vanila maigadi in melee.

Maigadi also shadow techs, so they are overall more pop effective than ashigaru. You don’t need to kite using them.

Also asiharu having melee armor and maigadi ranged armor actually favors maigadi, since the backline does more damage while taking less.


yeah maybe should try that next time i face a jap player thats if i have enough maigadi you cannot mass them early unless you get to age 3 and research transhumance and have 30 cows to gain influence the way their shrines produce res

You can stop the ashigaru push with the alliance that grants skirmishers. Can’t remember which though.

Also javelins trade well with ashigaru.

marocco. The corsair marksman, or use fulani archers.

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Yes. Marocco. Thanks.


i usually do corsair they only strong until age 3 then yumi murders them they have a card that affects them also upgrade in age 3 at the watchtower but thats it then nomore upgrades they shadow tech but they not as good as a euro skirm but good unit overall

I think dps wise the fulani deal about the same amount of damage to heavy infantry , i think there is only like a 3 dmg difference.

So in age 2 it might be just better to mass fulani javelin to maximise DPS to kill off a push

Maigadi don´t need nerf i agree .
Hausa is a OK civ