Have a question about In-game options

I have only played one game online do to working on a map, work, etc, and didn’t bother looking over all the options. I know in the lobby you have the option to boot a player from your game before it starts. Is there an option while you are in the game to boot a player?

I already know how to create a boot king. Yes, you can create a boot trigger that gets rid of any person you choose. It was created for cheaters and other unpleasant players, meaning trash talkers. It’s not a hack, it’s using the AOE triggers and units.

I was just curious about what options we have.

That one is the only one available to kick players ingame, and, as you can tell, is only possible on custom scenarios.

Thanks for the reply :+1:

I guess it’s a good thing I know how to create a boot king :sunglasses:

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