Have I already mentioned that jean d'arc is broken af?

Please delete that hero.
it is ridicuolus how op that is.
you just can not win a fight vs that and need at least twice the ressources in units to beat it.
It can just buyback for some gold and again eat 50 units again on its own.

Please devs PLEASE delete that

They’re not going to delete something they can release balance updates to. I get venting about stuff though.

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btw, when is Late November/Early December Patch
I mean, late november :white_check_mark:
early december? we already have the 6.12.?

Who knows? It’s still early December.

I’d appreciate a more specific time, but these things can often change. Maybe they need to announce on social media on the day it’s due to come out or something.

Forum posts are trickier - editing won’t show as an update, and post replies are less noticeable than the opening post. Ideally they should do it here as well, but enough folks have criticised them for their silence here.

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yes, but normaly they realease patches on Tuesday maybe Thursday
next Tuesday will be the 12.12. and this isnt early december…

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What is so broken about it?Does it ability make too much damage or is she overall has a high damage?

This civ not even a civ a little girl didnt kill no one atleast should be a support unit in the game.

I’m waiting for the JD nerfs before I go into ranked 1v1 she is just OP currently.

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patch is live

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A lot of good changes.
Broken mines on cliffside were not fixed though.
Malians can’t build pitmines on half the goldmines there, severe bug.
Other mines are completely blocked for houses around, that’s why Malian have incredibly low win% on that map.
As a Malian player you have to veto that one, no choice.
Quite disappointed there is no fix for it this patch, they had more than enough time, I had made a bug report for it also.

Also, super disappointing is, that they didn’t touch the broken horse d’arc. The stats that horse has, are WAAAAYYY too broken and the instant buyback has to be addressed.
Also, the Q does too much dmg, can be casted too often, the hp/resistance of the horse is too high and the heal is too strong.
It should probably be changed to a flat amount of heal plus a percentage of the max hp.
Like 20hp+5% of max hp or something like that.
Or just delete the heal.