Have they banned any person yet?

I am wondering whether they have put any attention to players’ reports. There are lots of cheaters who constantly kick everyone out of the game when they are about to lose. I reported multiple players multiple times but it seems like none of them got banned. Why are cheaters like “Commander Cao” still playing in this game?

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I reported like like 10-12 100% drophackers trough report button and as well trough official reguest.

Yet only one who was banne was our famous guy from Vietnam but he has a secondary smurf account so idk if it even was for something.

Yeah they are ultra slow in reporting players

Are you joining people’s custom lobbies or do you mean in solo matchmaking?

Because if it’s their custom lobby they will have the admin privileges to kick you from it.

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Curious to know too. More than anything, this can make or break the game IMO.

I don’t think they have banned any, Cuz in COH2 many map hackers still out there

about matchmaking. desync if cheeter is loosing.

leaving the game when you see you are gonna lose is no crime. matching system is terrible… I do it when everything is lost and just resign and start another one with the hope ill get paired with someone with my level of skills. In custom they can kick you thats no crime either

They’re not talking about quitting the game before its “officially” over, but drophackers which means that opponent that is losing the game is using way to disconnect winning player from the game to avoid the loss

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Often this information is kept under-wraps, and they do the bans in large waves all on the same day. They don’t want to accidentally ban someone who happens to have a string of opponents who drop due to legitimate bad Internet connections, you really want to establish proof of cause before you do it.

Even once you do ban people, it isn’t uncommon to say how many people were banned, but that will be about it. They almost never release any info on the specifics of who and why they were banned because they want to keep their detection methods private.

That doesn’t mean that it has been enforced here or that it is being done correctly, I’m just saying that even if it happens, some companies choose to do it relatively quietly and we may know little to nothing about it until months later if they decide not to announce it right away.


Okay so he was not banned at all.
Just met him today with different name. And he is the most reported player from entire game.

Such s shame and split into the face of all fair players