Haven't heard from the devs for ages!

There’s a huge misunderstanding between the devs and the community because we don’t know what they’re doing.
Maybe they want to hide something? But what and why are they hiding?
We just want quicker responses (maybe at a monthly basis) from the devs. And we need a new communication mechanism to bridge that gap.


I don’t know the source.

They don’t want to hide something, it’s called coming back from the holidays and it make sense for them to go over all the feedback over the holidays and then come back to us when they have new information for us regarding what we want to see.

Take a chill pill and stop assuming a bunch of untrue stuff, like common it’s getting ridiculous by now.


Why do people need to hear from devs like if they were gods or something? If you don’t like the game at its current status you can simple stop playing, that’s the best way to give feedback, you are not force to play unfinished products…


I know what they want to hide, they’re so sneaky!

They want to hide that… people usually fly off to distant lands and take time off from work during the holidays, which can last until mid of January. They thought they could get away, but not from me. No sir, nothing gets past me.

How dare people take time off during holidays. RAAAAHHH

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Stop making excuses for the devs

They can get off their ■■■ and write a forum post about balance update plans

The game is brand new


Hopefully they’ll manage to put together a working HOTFIX before needing another month long vacations. Them poor developers.


I feel like most people who ask for dev communication are passionate about the game and want it to succeed. I myself do like this game but I hate it atm due to the balancing issues, bugs etc.


Yeah, still holiday season. Not sure if anyone has to explain PTO Barney-style for you, but I can make a PowerPoint if needed.

But keep that energy next week, you’ll need it. Cause as soon as Monday morning hits, ya’ll better believe we want some answers.

If there’s an update, it gotta be HUGE. Otherwise they’ll give more ammunition to the fury community.

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Lack of Communication for Devs
No word from the Dev’s?
I think communication is the key to building trust. It’s a long-existed problem, not just because of holidays.

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yea!!! and we will see a balance patch in a few weeks right. if not the future isnt looking good for this game. A long detailed doc then we discuss?? lol so not even started on anything yet to fix? not even started??

also thanks for posting about what being worked on and letting everyone know in your own forums whats up …NOT. Imagine making a game fan forums for your players and then only posting on reddit and leaving everyone in the dark while on vacation LOL

Must be nice to work in a bubble and take off for a month letting everything goto poop. great job !!! I cant wait to buy your next game… LOL

If it sounds harsh its cause I live in the real world were deadlines and expectations have to be met. Not a half finished project full of bugs and balance issues.


You are currently living through the “untrue stuff” people were “assuming” a few months back. How do you feel about that? How often does that cycle have to repeat before you stop defending this mess of a game?

What should they hide? Everything is out in the open for us to see: They made an unfinished game and sold it for max profit. The job is done. They will now keep up a skeleton crew to patch around on the thing in the same snail pace we got so far. Basic maintenance. Something to tinker with for the interns. The real resources go to the next project to release (CoH3, I suppose).
Going by how quickly they put down support for DoW3 (which also nose-dived but kept okay-ish player numbers) they would’ve done the same here if it wasn’t for obligations to big daddy M$.

Again, why should they invest into that? This was never set up to be a service game and the amateurish style of communication stayed the same throughout pre-release, closed beta, open beta, release and post-release. Keeping face and limiting the damage to the brand seemed to have never been an issue through all those phases, so why should they start with it now?
If anything, the big fixes will come with the next opportunity for profit (when paid DLC releases).

Put that on your pile of “untrue assumptions” for review in a few months, @Fyrapan90


They need to release a patch asap.

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Some people that still roam the forum roasting the game should just do the same as the devs: take a rest


Regardless of everything else. The fact they don’t communicate through the official forums and choose to communicate via the subreddit is very strange to me. I can’t quite understand it.


Most companies have been doing this crap for years. I never understood it, but that’s what they prefer. At this point, official forums are just for show, something that comes with the site and that’s it.


They post far more on the official forums since game launch than they do on Reddit, Steam or discord.