Having a blast: this achievement is not working

What i tested

  • destroy 5+ enemy units with a demolition ship( worker / infantry / ships … combination of these / transport ship with garissioned units )
  • against AI / against my friends ( human )
  • different map / diferent AI difficulties
  • with upgrade demolition ship (damage and radius) / without upgrade
  • standard map / custom map etc …

i dont know what should i do to unlock this achievement , can anyone help me please ?


Having the same issue as well, haven’t found anything that works.

  • Nobody has unlocked this achievement since the end of November

Is this working yet? Googled it because it didn’t unlock for me and this is the top result.

Tried today and it still did not unlock


Any update on this? Have tried this numerous times in the past month, both with the help of a friend and vs AI, nothing works.

Are the devs aware of this bug? I can’t see it under known issues.

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tried today Feb 19 - did not pop. non upgraded and upgraded demo ship

Thanks all.
The “Having a Blast” has a fix coming soon for it.

Still not working 02.03.2024

Stll not fixed… how soon do you mean?

Unlocked today, right after applying recent patch

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