Having a converted scholar selected with your imams prevents you from using the convertion power

step 1: Get the Faith upgrade in the house of wisdom
step 2 : convert a Dehli scholar
step 3 : double click your imam

As you can see on the screenshot if the scholar is selected with the imams the conversion power given by faith isnt in the UI anymore. Pressing the hotkey(I am still using the default which is w) also doesnt work.

replying to post a second screenshot.

Well that would kind of make sense as the converted Delhi Scholar would not be able to convert units. But I guess you’d expect the convert option to still show in the UI for the other Imans.

Scholars not being to convert makes perfect sense. The problem is that the units are considered to be the same because double clicking the imams also select the scholar. This normally wouldnt be too much of a problem but once selected pressing tab doesnt switch the UI to the imams upire stuck with the scholar’s which doesnt have the single unit converstion.

The real question now is, does this only happens with scholars or are all monks going to cause this issue.

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Thank you @Riukanojutsu! We appreciate you reporting this to us.