Having a synching issue when starting AoE2 DE

I keep having an issue starting AOE2 DE. It begins to start, says it’s “synching” and then just continues to say that. I have to reinstall the game and all the subsequent expansions to get it to start again. Once I do that, it says synching, but then goes to Launching Game and it does Launch. Anyone have any idea what the issue is? I purchased through MSFT Store. Eventually, the problem comes back a day or two later.

hey @UnleashHeck

Unfortunately we are unable to reproduce this issue.

If this issue keeps persisting, please contact support:


Good luck!

Thanks for your response. It appears that what is happening is a pop up is appearing n the “background” and you have to let a substantial amount of time pass for that synching to take place. It could be it is failing but I think it’s just taking an unusual amount of time for that synching to take place. I offer this to anyone else that might have the issue in the future.