Having more options when randomising civ

Hi All,

I really enjoy picking a random civ when playing ranked games. However, in team games I find my teammates want to pick their civ more often than not. They might pick a knight civ for example and in this case I want an archer civ. I think a nice option to have when picking a civ during setup would be to select a random civ based on their type: i.e, navel, archer, knight, seige… Maybe a drop down menu or something?

I thought I’d post here and see what traction this idea would have within the community. Any thoughts would be appreciated.



Multiple other people have suggested the same thing, hopefully it gets added.


Yes I agree. Please do


The problem with such a feature is that the subsetting of civs from which you get one at random isn’t trivial, and different people may have different priorities. Besides deciding what constitutes, let’s say, an “archer civ”, it’s not even clear whether the distinction according to the main military unit is the most important one.

I, for instance, don’t care much about civ’s strength, but rather value familiarity. So I would like to get one out of the 13 classic AoK civs, or perhaps these including the five Conquerors expansion civs. So from my point of view, a random option constrained on inclusions in the various expansions would make more sense.

You always have the chance to roll a dice manually and then pick the civ… this is how I do it, by the way.

Allowing us to make a random civ pool would fix all this. Which yes you can do with a random number generator but having it in game would be much smoother


I guess people have many variations on what is the best way to incorporate this idea. For me what constitutes what is an “archer civ” is the definition at the top of the tech tree. Granted some of these civs are not always played as intended (think of vikings per say). Maybe there would be some tweaking and maybe adding more labels to civs. For example you could have celts as seige & infantry and lets some civs straddle many definitions.

I like this idea. Have a bunch of predefined ones maybe. Then the ability to make your own custom pool.

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I think having just the ability to make your own custom pool is the easiest to implement and should be done before any others. You fix all these problems with that.

Archer subsets are a bit tricky, since… how do you group them? By civ description? By tech tree? Dev insight on civ design? 11

I find that a little superfluous since you can make your own Archer subsets with a civ pool of your own creation. Not to mention, this system already exists in the game, through map pool selection when creating a custom game.


Yes I agree. This is the best way that can fillful 3 requirement which are

  1. archer/knight civ sub set
  2. my own sub set that I can only play
  3. I don’t play random so don’t force me to use random option