Having trouble with my Insider profile


I realized an issue with my Insider profile. I updated my preferences and dxdiag, but I noticed that twice now that my beta preferences were set to me not wanting to be considered for Microsoft Store or Steam beta even though I have set them before to wanting to be considered. It’s setting them to off on its own.

I still had a valid preference and a dxdiag before Jan 28 though. I wanted to ask if anyone else was having this problem. And if any admin could confirm if I am being considered because of my ambiguous situation. If not at least who I can e-mail cause I don’t want to miss out on the first beta just because I wasn’t even considered in the first place because of my preferences.

Thank you for your time.

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I think there is a bug in the forum profile page
Few days ago I have ticked the preference for my beta to be Yes
Today when I checked, the tick is gone, and indicate me that I do not want to participate.
I have checked the box again
but I hope you guys do not exclude me because of the bug inside your website.

Happend to me too (20 characters)

Having the same problem. No issues with my dxdiag upload or any other profile sections. I updated beta preferences a week ago and they had seemed to save. Checked it today, and the “considered for betas” options were both turned off for Steam and Microsoft store.

Hi everyone! I definitely want to make sure those preferences are saving.

I checked with our team and they haven’t run into this issue. It would be really helpful if you could try adjusting the preferences again, and then click the SAVE button right below them. The button should grey out for a moment and then reload the page.

Once you’ve done that, it would be helpful to know if the preferences stay updated when the page reloads and if you close the page and go back to it.

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Yes, the preferences stay updated for me.

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Same issue, happened to me. I’ve checked my profile page numerous times the past few days in excitement for Age III DE, and today my preferences to opt in to the beta were turned off! I would really love a beta key and hope I didn’t get excluded because of this!

After checking the two boxes again and reloading, it seems to stay turned on for now.

Thanks for letting us know!

We select eligibility of participates for betas through a variety of metrics including preferences, minimum technical specifications and how large the beta is. There are multiple beta opportunities coming up so I hope that you are chosen for one. You can keep an eye on the betas on the Insiders page.

This bug has happened few times to me to. Interestingly the forums and insider pages sometimes do not respond on Edge. I have used my 2nd browser (Opera) and everything is working fine.

Another point to mention. Every time the save button is pressed for beta participation the automatic email is sent out asking for confirmation. The system does not seem to recognise if you are already registered.

Same problem here, everytime tried to update and save a email is send