Health bars Classic not working after Update 61321

Configuration/Options/Game/Health bars/Classic is not working as it should be, but working as the default selection, which means the health bars are displayed every time you hover the mouse on the units. It should display the health bars only when clicking them instead.

Also, would be nice if anytime there is a Hotfix release there is an in-game notification, so we know when need to check the mods and restart the game. Thanks for the updates


I have the same problem

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Hi @FelipeELBravo !

Thanks, we are already tracking this issue ^^


Hi. Thank you. So far this is still unresolved

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I just played yesterday and it seems to be working for me. Classic health bar is the one that is always on correct?

hi guys, same error here +1


I am not expiercing this issue

It works after 29 august 2022 update.

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