Hello,also me. Please buff the monk!

Most of the time, the monks in this game are just tools for picking up Relics and capturing Sacred Sites.
Give the monk an attack like a high Templar in sc2, keeping him away from the enemy, which can help the monk better heal his teammates.
In most cases, the conversion ability is meant to be given a Relics to enemy. I can’t say it’s useless, I can only say it’s useless at all. Can monks be allowed to Conversion without Relics? All monks use global cooldown time. Each player can only Conversion once in five minutes.And the global cooldown time will be reduced to 2 minutes when the Monastery has 5 Relics

Abbasid can already convert without relic, check it out.

I mean all civ’s monk can use the common conversion without the relics, not just like abbas