Hello developers , 1vs1 win rate? tier list? Next Patch?

Hello developers , 1vs1 win rate? tier list? Next Patch??

How to buff = civs low win rate???

worst patch most unbalance ever :joy:

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stop check winrate under 1400 elo. under 1400 Elo you lost game because there is some macro and micro huge error.

That not representative of the state of the game.

Actually i think to the real problem are (mongol) and fishing with offcourse siege weapon taht unbalance any unit composition.


Tier List is not for someone who still learning how to play RTS

Just like few days ago , DemuSlim using English Slapped RUS in water map, who care Tier List and winrate

U should care your matchup winrate and improve your playstyle


To be fair we should only go as far as to only consider above 1.6k elo games.
Even at 1.4k there are big mistakes people make, and their builds is not that accurate.


The balance must be based on a correct reading of the displayed database, regardless of what each player in his MMR must improve.