Hello Devs and promoters have a look! Thank you

Beacause overall I like this game and I dont want to see it dead, please consider to change a few things. This is based not only in my last year experience playing the game but also conversation with other players, friends, streamers etc…

For the first time since the game was out I felt it is dying, it takes 7 minutes to find a game in the morning (team games) to match with players in a very low elo and not so less for 1vs1 but much more than 6 months ago.

  1. Your communication team has to improve, there is no information to creat hype, takes now effort to tell the community when the new changes are coming, new season is coming, etc…if there is no more civs coming soon you can also tell the people. I personally prefer if you fix the game before any DLC but if you bring a DLC good! Please check Fitzbro youtube he says exactly how most people feel.

  2. “We are working on it” , this is what I heard since beta. I personally have asked and reported the hotkeys are not working several times and that was the answer We are working on it. Is it possible to add hotkeys for select all infantry, select all calvry, etc… there are not enough control groups to manage everything, the doble key is not working preperly. I was told for season 1, later I was told it would be fixed for season 2, I play the pup and I did not see it and the hotekeys were still not working.

  3. Balance: I dont understand how are you balacing this game, if you are following complains from low elo players about china granadiers, etc… we are not going in a good direction. Please check stats of the civs and how are they performing, please check with the pro players and Im sure you can do a better job. Check with Bestqt, I think we mostly can agree with him.

  4. MTTS: They are too focus on 1vs1 and high elo players, what MICROSOFT, REDBULL etc consider to do torunaments for all elo players and also for teams to make all people want to play the game? People is going to get bored very soon about watching the same 10 pros playing 1vs1.

You keep your 1vs1 with pro with less money price and you do some other mtts for diamond, platinum with little money in it but that makes all people motivated to play, even if is 500$ for the winner only, this is for epople who play for hobby. You can also use a 30% of the pool win somthing instead of only the first 3 players, this would make much more people intereted. (this stratgy worked very well for poker rooms)

  1. Team games is dying, yes, start to consider to put ranked and maybe even removed quick match because there are no players. Promote team games, give rewards, team tournaments, etc…

  2. The FPS are not dropong all the time, it never happen before. Please if you make any visual upgrade consider to set it in a different option like ultra graphics so we dont get affect by it if the computer can not make it in high. Many people is complaining about it.


We need some team game tournaments. It exists in AoE2, and it is fun.

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Perhaps the option to make clans as well along with tournaments with different leagues would be nice.

Great would be if they can make a quiqk match tournament option in the game as starcraft did in 1vs1 with events. That would be super nice.

This is the biggest issue right now:

Acknowledge all reported bugs and release at least a monthly roadmap with bugs that are in queue, work in progress or soon to be fixed along with ETAs for upcoming patches and a wishlist. Pin that to the top, as a topic in the forum.

This is the right way to respect your player community. If you don’t have the human resources to do that, then communicate that too. If a bug has proven too difficult to squash, say it! If something will probably never be implemented, be clear and honest.

i second this. I paid 99 dollars for this game (canadian) and it’s half a game, i want the rest of the game for the 99 dollars that i paid, simple. You charged me premium for this game, I expect a premium experience, what i got was red and blue.