Hello Devs. Resolution handicap problem

I play on a 1366X768 resolution laptop. for this reason, i can’t enjoy the game at all, since my ranking is always very low. this was the issue for me with the old version of the game too.

With this version, not only does the game perform much worse under the new graphics load, but it did not fix a long standing issue for me.

As a poor gamer who can barely make my day ends meet, i play this game only once or twice a week.
I cannot afford a high end computer, nor do i have enough space in my over taxed room to keep one.
This game has been a life saver for me to kill time.

So the question i ask is, can you make a super low graphics version for my special case, which will make this game run on my potato laptop with no zoom out lock, or fixed map visibility irrespective of resolution?

Or are you scared to let me off the handicapped position even there.

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I feel you, bro. You are not alone.
I have been looking for the configuration files for some time, now. If you can help me find the .txt or .cfg file keeping the graphics configuration for the game, maybe we can work something to reduce the quality and make it run smooth on you machine.
If all else fails… well, we can play some HD edition games - look for me on Steam, same username as here.

If i am not alone then why is nobody else complaining or raising this issue. Also i cant play HD or voobly, since my internet randomly blockes p2p connection.

Dude, again you pushing this subject on?!? There is no such thing as “resolution handicap”. Previous topics you’ve made on that have been already warned and locked, please consider reflict on the older discussions and avoid spamming.

You have to understand that every game has minimum requirements to work on a PC, and I know that DE have some problems sustaining that, but, still, you don’t even seem to attend to the game requirements in your setup. So, it’s unfortunate, but the reality is that the game won’t work properly for you as things are right now. And this can happen to many things in life, it’s a bummer but we have to deal. You could either stop playing on ranked modes (since your poor performance seems to frustrate you that much), or leave the game (you could even ask for a refund), since you can’t afford a improvement on you setup.

Also, don’t expect me to push this topic any further, hope you have Happy Holidays! kind regards.

And, if you are willing to accept a personal advice, don’t expose yourself on the internet to strangers in such way. Aside from not adding up to the discussion if placed this randomly, this kinda of information exposure is not very… uplifting.

You can try decreasing resolution scale under graphics options. Ensure, that you have enhanced graphics (UHD) and vsync disabled.
Also maybe 512X512 terrain textures mod can help you.

Try to help yourself in this regard. Couple of hours of AOE 2 per week can’t make you happy, if you hate your life rest of the week.

if you hate your life rest of the week.

I dont hate my life at all. If i am a weak person, i am a weak person. I can perfectly enjoy my life with that accepted.
Sometimes i feel i am a very dominant person, some times i feel powerless and weak too. And i think this is a perfectly normal part of life, just like inhaling and exhaling.

I do however feel, that my weakness is the result of people uniting against me. i could be wrong, but i think i am more right here.

I hope now you dont talk about any wrong statements i made. i agree i was intimidated into stating it here unnecesarily, perhaps the intimidation came from the ‘show’ of ball licking of streamers by the masses, who have unlimited wealth to care for people with small screens and i happened to the be only person with a small screen and not enough supply of pussies.

his kinda of information exposure is not very… uplifting.

dont worry, and please do read my previous reply, right before this one.

Also, i am not here to discuss anything. i am here to state my problem to get it fixed. if this is not the place for it, do let me know where.