Help: After update 66692 I can't publish Graphics mods

After this game update the graphics changed to SLD format to take up less disk space. But the problem is that it seems to me that graphics can no longer be published in SMX even though the game works fine with this format. As I found it strange, I created just a DRS mod that contained only a graphic file in SLD format copied from the official one and I tried to publish this mod through the website and the game but I was unsuccessful and the following message appeared:

“Incorrect File format. Only zip files containing AOE mod files accepted.”

My mod “AOE2_Golden_DE (DAT)” also contains SMX files that are main and that I can’t make another mod just for DRS, because people, in general, only subscribe to the “dat” mod and if you don’t have the graphics there, when they went to try out all the units/buildings were invisible, which was not playable.
The programs offered by the game do not allow you to convert SMX files to SLD and, even if you manage to do so, it is impossible to publish a DRS mod with files in SLD format. That is, the error message that appears (“Incorrect File format. Only zip files containing AOE mod files accepted.”) is not true because the mod I was trying to publish contained only these files.


, it would be nice if you could provide us with a program to convert the files to SLD and then publish them or that it is possible to publish the files in SMX.

Thank you so much.

Your mod file included a desktop.ini file which is not allowed. Depending on your settings for viewing system files, these can be hidden by default so may not have been obvious that it was in the folder. If you remove that it should publish fine.

In my settings to view system files it was already enabled to show hidden files or folders and even then I never found that file anywhere. So I decided to go get the mod folder from my last update and I updated the “.dat” file and added the new SMX files to the mod and managed to update the mod. However, I was only able to update it through the game. I tried to update the mod through the website but for security reasons it was blocked. Anyway, I managed to update the mod.

Thanks a lot for the help.