Help: After update 73855 I can't update my mods

Help: After update 73855 I can’t update my mods

After update 73855 I have been trying to update my mods “AOE2_Golden_DE (DAT)” and “AOE2_Golden_DE (AI)” but without success as I get a message saying:
“Publish Failed - Inappropriate Content Detected.” So I created a new mod with the same content to test if there was any inappropriate file and I managed to publish it, so I think the site is giving an error, because in my previous attempt, even though an error message appeared, it only updates the text and the date of the update but the new content does not appear, only what has already been published previously.


can you help? As I have a lot of subscribers on these mods I didn’t want to have to start from scratch.


I’m not seeing any reason why it would have failed. I just added some additional logging. Can you please try publishing again and hopefully the logs will give me some extra detail on why it’s failing.

I’ve just tried again twice, one attempt on each mod, and I got the same error.

Thank you, that helped me track down where the problem was. I just pushed an update that should fix the problem and allow you to publish.


Thank you very much for your help, I managed to update the mods.

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if I may ask, whats causing these issue to happen again over the course of the year?

seems to be at random but wouldnt the update/fixes that you did back then carry over till now?

Different issues. I’m continually having to make updates to support game functionality changes, MS compliance requirements, performance/security improvements, etc. which unfortunately sometimes results in creating new bugs.


You do a good job fixing most of them pretty quick, thanks for that.