HELP AGE 3 Normal version do not work. Probably Win 10 Problem

some Friends told me i can get a link to download the Digital version i lost my CD of Asian Dynastie. That was the only way to play online 4 me.

Age 3 Reinstall do not work. There is some error but it do not say me which error it is. i tr< Installing DirektX software from internet.

Sorry 4 my bad english. If any German support can help me would be awsome. if english its ok but it will be hard for both sides. couse my pc experience are not so big and i know only german words for that.

Thanks 4 every help!!!

You can get the digital version of the game on Steam:

Are you getting a blank error? If so, try the following:

sry man i ve no money and do not like steam

ps it call something is wrong i ll get a message when they find the problem XD

well i try everything i can do and nothing work yet. maybe i need to buy digital edition from steam… or i get age 4 and stop 3 for ever…

You can get the game on steam sale for 75% off.
There is no information about when Age 4 will be released, and age 3 remaster is also on the way.