Help, cant stop a mod downloading and crashing the game

After clicking subscribe to this mod …

… It crashed the game mid download. I cannot stop this download, ive deleted my mods folder, reinstalled the game on a different drive, tried to manage mods on the AoE website, signed into xbox live in game, but after 15 seconds the game will crash after it downloads all the other mods and then starts to download this mod.

Currently this game is unplayable unless someone knows how i can cancel all mods being downloaded to my game outside the game


Edit this file :
C:\Users\UserName\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\UserID\mods\mod-status.json, and set the value to false for the field “Enabled” of this mod.

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hmm I dont know, the game wont open after its downloaded all of the other modes and come across this mod and crashed. I see that in the file, each mod is set to enable false but i think the the issue here is that the mod itself isnt fully downloaded and so the game wont start. When i do delete the mod, the mod will still auto download as the this text file below is no longer present.

{“CheckSum”:“0”,“Enabled”:false,“LastUpdate”:“0”,“Path”:“subscribed//20983_[Arkantos] Mix of UI Changes - compact - 25 Percent bigger map - no tech tree version [Compilation]”,“Priority”:19,“PublishID”:0,“Title”:“20983_[Arkantos] Mix of UI Changes - compact - 25 Percent bigger map - no tech tree version [Compilation]”,“WorkshopID”:20983},

I opened the game in “offline mode” and was able to play a skirmish game, so mods or multiplayer but as soon as i restart steam in online mode and open the game, the game will auto crash as the mods are being downloaded which i cant stop or pause. The problem is that i can only unsubscribe from a mod once it has been fully downloaded but each time it tries to download it crashed the game. :confused: