Help customizing the UI

Hello there, i have been using a customized transparent UI, but the color of the fonts for the player panels (brown) is so difficult to read, i saw the customized UI from nac3, hc3 and RB event, they changed the font color to white for their UI.

I was once changing values on the .json files but none of my changes had any effect, so i am lost, i don’t know which lines should i change.

So if anyone happen to know the lines to change font color i’d really appreciate it.

Font color are R G B A try to find this kind of code :

“TextColor”: {
“r”: 0,
“g”: 0.9,
“b”: 0,
“a”: 1
0 is 0% of the color 1 is 100% of the color.

You will need to find the proper .json file and then the proper element you want to change the color of. You can identify it from the code bellow the Textcolor R G B A who look like this :

               "Widget": {
                    "Type": "Label",
                    "Name": "Workers",

Here it’s a Label >> so the text who is named Workers in the ressourcepanel.json file (So the workers on the top left panel with ressources when you’re in game).

Good luck.

Hi, i had forgotten about this topic, thank you for answer, i found out the lines and color calibration for the commandpanel.json, but there is one line that i couldn’t edit satisfactory, the progress status, i can change the size of the font to anything below 40, but the color doesn’t change, went to back to check nac3 and hc3 UI just to realize that by that time they couldn’t change the color of it, until newer versions.

If you have a clue how to edit that one, it would be amazing!!fonts

it is surely an image file that you can find somewhere in widgetui\textures\ingame, you can change the color there, but beware i’m pretty sure it is the same progession images for age up, unless it changed with last patch