Help extracting unit voice sounds/interpreting audio spreadsheet

I already know how to make mods that replace sounds (I made one that replaces AoE2’s Italians unit voices in Latin with AoE3’s Italians unit voices in Italian, check it out) took me a while to learn, but I got it.

I’m just having trouble finding/extracting the ORIGINAL files, I want to create a mod that makes Huns speak Latin and for that I need the Byzantines/Italians default unit voice sounds, but I don’t know where to look…

SFX.bnk seems to have some of these sounds, but when I extract them the numbers are random and nothing like in this spreadsheet, so I have no idea which file contains the sounds I’m looking for.

What am I doing wrong? How can I find the files I’m looking for? Should I extract SFX.bnk with a specific tool? Please help.