Help from good players

I wonder if there’s a place where good players could watch my games and give me feedback on my crappy playing. I am stuck between Gold III and Platinum I - seemingly forever. YouTube surely not, at least not the public one. Hell, I would pay for someone in the upper ranking to watch my bulls**t - playing and analyse it.

Streamers offer this service? Most of the ppl I’ve seen do this service are conq 3

Go over to our sub on redit, and place this text as a thread.

Plenty nice people over there who are willing to help.

Edit again: make sure you post your ingame name, and open your match history.
If there are specific matches you want to have analised, mention them as matchup, map and date.

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Best advice apart from guides and stuff is to find some ppl of similar skill and practice a lot with them. Specially the match ups that you struggle with.

if you are in ottawa.